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DPCF is committed to provide conducive place and shelter, caring community, and integrated programmes and services enabling migrants, to become competent, caring, service-oriented and Christ-centered persons.

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The great influx of migrant workers, mostly domestic helpers from the Philippines in the seventees (70’s) and eightees (80’s) presented the need for spiritual and pastoral care. On the 1st of November 1986, the late Cardinal John Baptist Wu, the Bishop of Hong Kong, formed a committee to minister to Filipino migrant workers.  The committee was raised to a  Diocesan Commission for Pastoral Service to Filipinos, headed by the Bishop.  On the 4th of January 1987, the Diocesan Pastoral Centre for Filipinos (DPCF) was formally opened.   The Centre serves as the executive arm of the Commission.

 The Centre is a concrete expression of love and care of the Diocese towards the migrants. With the coming of the Indonesians, Vietnamese, Thais, Sri Lankans, Myanmarese and other Asians, the Centre now caters to all migrants regardless of race and religion. 



We envision DPCF as a life-giving Centre where migrant workers and trafficked women, regardless of race, color or religion, experience the faith lived in  community that empowers them to be effective witnesses in their own homes, workplace, community and society.

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